Special Issue – Creative Ethnography: Epistemologies, Pedagogies, Possibilities

Volume 22(1) 2019

We are delighted to announce the publication of Irish Journal of Anthropology Special Issue, volume 22(1) 2019 – Creative Ethnography: Epistemologies, Pedagogies, Possibilities

With authors from four different continents, this 350-page special issue explores creativity in research methods and forms of representation, including assemblies of different genres of creative – poetry, imagery, film, drama, prose, creative practice, and creative pedagogy.

An excellent resource for anyone wanting to read creative anthropological writing as well as about creativity in methodology and pedagogy.


Bombo Road, Kampala – Ruth Kelly

Bingo – Brian McGahey

Okbichaloni (Things Aren’t Always What They Seem to Be. Know That for Sure): Hustling, HIV, and Hope in Luoland, Western Kenya – Gemma Aellah


Fieldwork in Silence: A Photo-Story of Honey in Southeast Angola – João Afonso Baptista

Graphic Possibilities: Ethnographic Comic Book about Hepatitis C and Injecting Drug Use – Aleksandra Bartoszko

A Printer’s Destiny – Anna Heitger

Everyday Shops – Anna Skoura


Urban Cultivators – Chris Hellwig

The Juggler: How Social Circus Helps Children from the Stellenbosch Area in South Africa to Embody, Become Aware of, and Challenge the Walls in Their Landscape – Sophie Kalker


Mind the Gap: The Case for Adopting an Ethno-Drama Writing Style in Sensitive Organizational Ethnography – Angela Stephanie Mazzetti

Creative Ethnographies: Writing Exile, Theatre, and Citizenship – Lidis Garbovan


Indignation, Knowledge, and That Time on the Bus – Michele Wisdahl

Point of View, Narrative Voice, and Ethnographic Representation: Writing Everyday Violence in 2010s Mexico – Hettie Malcomson

Dreams, Death, and the Irish Question – Matthew McCoy

Epistolary Fragments for an Anthropology of Loneliness – Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins and Mythily Meher

Coconuts – Kayla Rush

The Bol Bam Pilgrimage: Reflections on a Not So Adventurous Adventure – Cora Gaebel

An Ethnographic Experience: Freedom, Fiction, and Medicine Women in Afrofuturist Contexts – Carolina Nvé Díaz San Francisco

Geese in the Hammer – Scott McKendry

Beloved Monster: Ethnographies of Mexico City – Oralia Gómez-Ramírez

Of Bodies and Documents: A Reportage from a Transylvanian Village – Ana Chiritoiu

Ethnographic Exploration of a Sensorial Underwater World – Rasmus Rodineliussen

Dancing Tango in Buenos Aires – Federica Banfi

Learning to Fly: A Story Tale for My Three Year Old Son. An Unconventional Ethnographic Restitution of a Creative Investigation on Body Suspensions – Federica Manfredi

Creative Practice

The Art of the Game: Visual Methods, Artistic Engagement, and Playful Ethnography – Maruška Svašek

Exploring a Diffuse and Unstructured Participatory Action Research Frame: Mourning as a Tool for Social Interposition in Tirana, Albania – Kailey Rocker and Arba Bekteshi

The Meaning of Pain: Exploring the Intersections of Poetry and Ethnography – Catherine Trundle and Susan Wardell

Visual Arts as Methods of Research: Some Reflections from an Ethnography with HIV Positive Teenagers – Francesca Cancelliere

Accidental Ethnografiction: Reflections on the Value of Creative Writing in Anthropology – Ellen Wiles

Putting ‘Talk’ Out There: The Cork Folklore Project’s Recipe Book for Dissemination – Clíona O’Carroll

Land, the Wiwa Map, and Coca Plants: Curating Memories of an Unfinished Armed Conflict – Sofía Natalia González-Ayala and Juliana

Knowing by Doing: Connecting to the Field in Irish Music through Creative Practice on the Cello – Kaylie Streit

Creative Pedagogy

Activist Teaching: Three Steps to Make Activism Part of the Anthropological Learning Process – David Whyte

Drawing on Thick Descriptions in Architectural Pedagogy – Nuala Flood

StreetSpace Studio: Architecture Learns Anthropology – Agustina Martire