Ethnographic Exploration of a Sensorial Underwater World

Rasmus Rodineliussen

Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University


Water is something every living being need for basic survival. Water is also a means of transportation, trade, and no less important, leisure. This short entry takes the need to understand water as a sensorial milieu as a point of departure. Doing so by arguing that in order to understand the way water affect and can be affected by human activities we need to study these activities as embodied practices – we need to learn by employing our own bodies as tools in research, learn by bodily practices about the practices of others and how they engage with a sensorial underwater world. The material presented focus on scuba divers and their relationship with the marine world.

The paper does further engage with connected land based issues, and try to show that sensorial methods are vital, but ought to be accompanied by interviews and other types of research methods to contextualize that which is being felt.


Water; Sensorial Experience; Embodied Knowledge; Scuba Divers; Brazil

Author contact: rasmus.rodineliussen [at]

Citation: Rodineliussen, R., 2019. “Ethnographic Exploration of a Sensorial Underwater World”, Irish Journal of Anthropology, 22(1), 184-189.