Brian McGahey

Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen


This work emphasizes the role of participation in understanding the life world of another. Only by working with my informants as a carer was I able to leave aside my pre-fieldwork notions of care and understand the multiple ways care is understood and exercised beyond my personal experiences of caring for my family. Care can be at times a burdensome and emotionally taxing task. An overfamiliar work routine, compounded by limited resources, manifested itself as boredom for both my informants and me, further entrenching the burdensome nature of care at the day centre. An awareness of this overlooked aspect of care work has important ramifications for social care going forward, as a carer’s job satisfaction has a significant impact on the type and quality of care that is provided.


Boredom; Care; Day Centre; Emotions; Labour; Loneliness

Author contact: bnm [at]

Citation: McGahey, B., 2019. “Bingo”, Irish Journal of Anthropology, 22(1), 10-11.