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Vaccine hesitancy in Ireland in 2014 – risk beliefs and alternative health seeking behaviours

Dr Suzanne Cotter, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Research done as part requirement for MA in Anthropology and Development, MaynoothUniversity

Childhood vaccination is a safe and effective means of protecting children against vaccine preventable diseases. However, a minority of parents are vaccine hesitant and do not support vaccination for their children.

The objectives of this study were to explore reasons for non-vaccination among Irish parents who decided not to vaccinate their children. Information was sought on factors influencing their decisions, attitudes to health, health seeking behaviours and how parents perceived the threat of infectious diseases to their children versus vaccines. This study involved face-to-face or telephone interviews of volunteer parents who were recruited either by invitations from health professionals who knew of the study or by posters placed in public venues.

Click here to view poster presented at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Faculty of Public Health Medicine of Ireland, Summer Scientific Meeting, Dublin May 2015