Upcoming Conference



September 21-23, 2017

Queen's University Belfast


Conference Program


Thursday 21 September

Venue: The Great Hall, Queen's University Belfast


13.00-13.50: Registration

13.50-14.00: Opening Address 

14.00-15.30: Session 1

     1) Jules Verne: Technological Predictions and Social Satire in Paris in the Twentieth Century, Cormac Sheehan, University College Cork

     2) This Is the End, My Friend: End-of-the-World Prophecies in Irish Tradition, Tiziana Soverino, Dublin City University

     3) The (Science) Fiction of Value, Kayla Rush, Queen's University Belfast

15.30-16.00: Break and Refreshments

16.00-17.40: Session 2

     4) Brand Displaced: The Trademarked, the Fake-Marked, and the Unmarked, Scott MacLochlainn, University of Göttingen

     5) Imagining a Future without Prisons, Ruari-Santiago McBride

     6) From Venipuncture to Transfusion: Pathways of Blood in the Service of Blood of the Red-Cross (Belgium), Eloïse Maréchal, University College Cork

     7) The Nostalgic Nation: Envisioning a Future Based on a Fictional Past, Rachel McMahon

(17.40-18.30: Break for Dinner)

18.30-20.30: Keynote/Public Lecture and Reception

     Infrastructural Gaps: Commons, Anthropology and Economic Crisis in Europe, Dimitris Dalakoglou, VU University Amsterdam

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Friday 22 September

Venue: Peter Froggatt Centre, Queen's University Belfast, Room 02/026


10.00-12.00: Session 3

     8) Undefeated Despair: Hope in the Diaries of Soweto Sex Workers, Susann Huschke, Queen's University Belfast; and Thembi Luckett, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

     9) Counterfactual Spaces and the Foreclosure of Imagined Futures: The Case of Israel/Palestine, Merav Amir, Queen's University Belfast

     10) Post/Socialist Futures: Czech Memories, Expectations, Appropriations, Maruška Svašek, Queen's University Belfast

     11) Accidental Elites: Writing a Critical Ethnography of NGO Aid Workers, Máire Ní Mhórdha, Maynooth University

 12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-14.30: Session 4: Special Panel Session, The Protestant Apocalypse: Britain, America, Israel

     12) Violent Endings and the Permanence of New Beginnings, Joseph Webster, Queen's University Belfast

     13) Men and Guns at the End of the World: Survivalism in Evangelical America, Crawford Gribben, Queen's University Belfast

     14) God's Just Gaza War: American Christian Zionist Landscape Pilgrimage and the Millennial Justification for Palestinian Expulsion, Tristan Sturm, Queen's University Belfast

14:30-15.00: Break and Refreshments

15.00-18.00: Session 5 (including a short break)

     15) Arthur C Clarke and the Imaginative Geographies of Outer Space and Sri Lanka, Oliver Dunnett, Queen's University Belfast

     16) Ethno-Futures Art and Imagining for Irish Travellers in an Ongoing Dystopia, Leanne McDonagh and David Murphy

     17) Futures Past of 1967, Steve Coleman, Maynooth University

     18) The Lau of Malaita Revisited: A Revolution of Dance in the Lau Lagoon, Solomon Islands, Geoffrey Hobbis, CREDO, Marseille

     19) Contemporary Crises and Disruptions as a Guide to Possible Human Futures, Ian Hughes and Fionn Rogan, University College Cork

     20) New Horizons and Traditional Forms: Temporality, Aspiration and Practice in Irish Health Policy, A. Jamie Saris, Maynooth University

18.00-19.00: AAI AGM


Saturday 23 September

Venue: Canada Room, Queen's University Belfast


10.00-13.30: Session 6 (refreshments included during presentations)

     21) An Anthropology of Cognitive Robotics, Louise Veling, Maynooth University

     22) R2P Their Data: Issues Around Digital Data Gathering and Use in Emergencies and Development Contexts, Mike Fitzgibbon

     23) Modelling the Future: An Anthropology of Design Practices, Tatsuma Padoan, UCC/SOAS

     24) Imaginative Horizons of Posthumanism: The Evolution and Revolution Towards Posthumans, Xinyi Wu, QUB/Minzu University of China

     25) From Representation to Interaction: Co-Creation Process through Collaborative Strategies with Communities in Colombia, Alejandro Valderrama Herrera, National University of Colombia; and Camilo Conde Aldana, Javeriana University Colombia

     26) Aeterna 'Insula Magica': Imaginary Ireland in Word and Vision, Rina Schiller, Queen's University Belfast

     27) Critical Landscapes: Difficulty and Resistance Inside a Poem, Sara O'Rourke, Maynooth University

13.30-14.30: Lunch

14.30-16.30: Writing Workshop

     Writing Worlds: Imagination and Fiction in Ethnographic Writing, acilitated by Kayla Rush, Queen's University Belfast

16.30-18.30: Keynote, Public Lecture, Closing Remarks, and Reception

     World-Building: Calvino, Ethnography and Science Fiction, Lisette Josephides, Queen's University Belfast

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20.00-01.00: Music and Festivities, The American Bar, Belfast (upstairs)




To register for the conference using Eventbrite, please click here. Registration is free, but please note that attendees will be required to become members of the Anthropological Association of Ireland (membership rates can be found here). Membership can be arranged on the day of the conference.