Irish Medical Anthropology Network

The Irish Medical Anthropology Network (IMAN) is a professional network, launched in 2015, aiming to promote activities associated with medical anthropology in Ireland. We are very much a multidisciplinary network, with members from many disciplines including anthropology, sociology and health and social care. Our aim is to open up conversations about work being conducted in various parts of the country.

Body map by HIV patient in South Africa. Courtesy of Fiona Larkan.

Please let us know of any presentations, publications or upcoming events that you would like us to circulate to IMAN members. If you would like to present your work at an upcoming meeting, please get in touch:
Facebook: Irish Medical Anthropology Network
Twitter: @IrishMedAnthro

IMAN has compiled a list of useful resources for scholars and students of medical anthropology. It is available here.

You can read the most recent IMAN Newsletter (September 2019) here.
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