Author Guidelines

Authors are encouraged to submit items for the Irish Journal of Anthropology. Articles, which may be in English or Irish, should be original and should not be under consideration elsewhere. IJA is a peer-reviewed journal and articles submitted will be assessed for their suitability.

Articles for consideration should be sent to the General Editor:

Dr. Kayla Rush: Kayla.Rush [at]
General Editor
Irish Journal of Anthropology

Multimedia material for the website and other material (conference and research reports, news, advertisements, letters etc.) can be sent to the Digital Editor:

Rachel Phillips-Jackson [at] Maynooth University
Digital Editor
Irish Journal of Anthropology

Style Guide

Articles should be in the region of 4,000 to 7,000 words and should include a title, a short abstract of no more than 100 words, and a list of key words. Shorter submissions in the region of 3,000 to 5,000 by students are permitted.

Included should be the author’s name, contact details for publication, academic affiliation, and a short biographical note. Also include suggested reviewers familiar with your field of study.

Contributions should be submitted in electronic form, in PC format readable in Word. PDF will not be accepted. Receipt of a submission will be acknowledged.

The following points should be observed:

Notes should be endnotes and be kept to a minimum. These should be ordered numerically.

Subheadings should be typed flush left.

Quotations. Single inverted commas should be used except for quotations within quotations, which should have double inverted commas. Quotations of more than about 3 lines should be set off from the text in a new paragraph with an extra line of space below. These should be typed in italics without inverted commas.

Spellings. British English (not American English) spelling should be used in English articles except in quoted material, which should follow the original. Use -ize not -ise word endings.

Paragraphs to begin flush left after line break from preceding paragraph.

Font size is 12pt in Times Roman Numeral or Calibri.

Page numbers should not be included.

Figures, illustrations etc. Figures, tables, illustrations, etc. should be numbered, and their source or author must be included directly below the figure or illustration, unless it is the author of the paper.

** It is the responsibility of the author to secure permission for use of any copyrighted material**

Please note that each figure, table and illustration will count as 200 words towards the limit of 7,000 words per submitted article.

Multimedia. Currently due to GDPR requirements we cannot provide hyperlinks to 3rd party media from submitted articles.

Bibliographical references in the body of the text should be given in parentheses in standard author-date form: (Lee and Devore 1968: 236). A complete list of references cited, arranged alphabetically by author’s surname, should be typed at the end of the article and adhere to the following style:

Kelleher, W.F., 2003. The Troubles in Ballybogoin: Memory and Identity in Northern Ireland. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press.

Benavides, O.H., 2004. “Anthropology’s Native ‘Conundrum’: Uneven Histories and Developments”, Critique of Anthropology, 24(2), 159-78.

Curtis Jr., L.P., 1987, “Stopping the Hunt, 1881-1882: An Aspect of the Irish Land War”, in C.H.E. Philpin (ed.), Nationalism and Popular Protest in Ireland. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 349-402. (accessed 11/06/18).