Irish Journal of Anthropology

Volume 23(1), 2020

Peer-Review Articles

From Early Rome to Modern Nationalism: What an Ancient Ritual Can Teach Us about the Meaning of Home
Paul O’Connor

Observing Observers of the Troubles: Negotiating Collective Histories and Maps
Karin Reenie Elliott

Mairéad O’ Sullivan


The Accidental Anthropologist: An Interview with Dr Abdullahi Osman El-Tom
Anne Fitzgerald

Event Report

Staging Anthropological Learning: Radical Musics, Inclusion, and the Image Positive Festival
Rachel Griffin and Jack Patterson

Book Review

Review: Edwin Ardener, The Voice of Prophecy (new edition, 2018)
Magdalena Tendera


Obituary: Professor Raymond David Fogelson, 23 August 1933 – 20 January 2020
A. Jamie Saris