Fieldwork in Silence: A Photo-Story of Honey in Southeast Angola

João Afonso Baptista

Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa


This photo-story is a wordy silent ethnography. It provides a basis for the reader-viewer to think about the silence of words, human-honey relations, and fieldwork. Silence is an important and, sometimes, vital fieldwork method. It may improve the researcher’s attention to the world around, to listen to and be attuned to the “field.” In southeast Angola, where I conducted fieldwork, silence is a precondition to access and research human-honey relations. This is why I present here a muted ethnography, a kind of narration that is consistent with the subject, region, and context. Fundamentally, I hope this photo-story can serve as an inspiring tool for generating thought and discussion about different methods of fieldwork, ethnographic expression, and human-honey relations.


Human-honey Relations; Fieldwork; Silence; Ethnography; Photo-story; Southeast Angola

Author contact: joao.afonso.baptista [at]

Citation: Baptista, J.A., 2019. “Fieldwork in Silence: A Photo-Story of Honey in Southeast Angola”, Irish Journal of Anthropology, 22(1), 28-37.